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Requesting Information

All media inquiries must be directed to Sarah Lebus in the Community Relations Department.

This includes any publicity, event questions, story opportunities or inquiries.

Media representatives must receive clearance to attend any event on campus that is not open to the public.
If you need publicity for an activity, or event, email the information to Sarah Lebus or call 903-381-2235.  Please include as much information as possible and try and give as much notice as possible. To save time, have an idea of who you want the media to talk to. Also, please remember that for the children who are photographed, a release must be obtained before the photo can be used in the newspaper.

How do I make an open records request?

Please refer to the Open Records section for additional information regarding the process and timeline once you have submitted your request to Longview ISD.

If you have any questions regarding open records, please contact the Department of Administrative & Pupil Services at 903-381-2342.