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LIFT Appeals Process

Notification of Award Amount

Eligible staff will receive an award amount notification through a letter from the Human Resources Department during the week of December 18, 2015.  Final payouts will be received in December 2015

Questions and Appeals


Questions regarding award amount determinations or eligibility must be directed to Dr. Jody Clements  via email at jclements@lisd.org.   Please review eligibility criteria prior to contacting Dr. Clements.


Appeals must be submitted in writing using the attached documentation form no later than 4:00 p.m. Friday, January 29, 2016 to jclements@lisd.org   Appeals submitted after this deadline will not be reviewed. The committee will meet to review all written appeals by Friday, February 5, 2016.  The committee will only review appeals regarding meeting eligibility criteria as adopted by the LISD board of Trustees on December 8, 2014.   Eligibility criteria approved by the LISD Board of Trustees will not be changed or amended.   Please complete and submit the LIFT Appeal documentation below, as well as other supporting documentation for consideration. 

Notification for the Results of Appeal

Notifications regarding the results of the appeal will be submitted in writing by February 15, 2016 via postal service mail. Documentation to be reviewed are: Personnel file, attendance records, PEIMS 1 Staff Responsibility 2014-2015 Submission Report, SAS EVAAS Results, 2015-2016 Accountability campus report, any other pertinent documentation submitted for review.