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Meetings & Agendas


Longview ISD District Improvement Team

January 9, 2014

4:00 – 5:30

LISD Room 183


I.                Welcome & Introduction

II.             Required Reports

a)    2013 Texas Academic Performance Report (Formerly AEIS Report)

b)    PBMAS

a.     Special Education – Stage 1

b.    Bilingual – Stage 1

c.     NCLB – Stage 0

d.    CATE – Stage 3

c)    PEG

a.     Forest Park – W, S, AU

b.    Jl Everhart - C

c.     Johnston McQueen - AU

d.    Longview High School - W

e.     South Ward - C

f.      Ware - AU

III.          District Data Review

a.     EVAAS 2013 District Teaching Effectiveness Summary

b.    LISD STAAR Data by grade Level

c.     LISD STAAR Accommodated Data

IV.          Campus Accreditation and Monitoring CIPs

a)    Ware – 3rd Year AU

b)    Forest Park 1st Year Improvement Required

c)    Johnston McQueen 1st Improvement Required

V.             Formative assessment Process of 2013-2014 District Plan District Plan of Action 

VI.          District Plan of Action Timeline

a)    February -

                                                   i.     Comprehensive Needs Assessment Review 

                                                 ii.     Development of Proposed Goals and Objectives to be presented to the LSID Board

                                               iii.     District Calendar Development Update

                                               iv.     District Staff Development Advisory Report

(May need to add a second meeting day in February to complete)

b)   March -

Findings From

                                                   i.     Comprehensive Needs Assessment Review

                                                 ii.     District Staff Development Advisory Report

c)    April -

                                                   i.     LISD DIT / Board Combination Meeting / review of Proposed Goals and Objectives

                                                 ii.     Development of  2014-2015 LISD District Plan of Action

d)   May –

                                                   i.     Present the LISD District Plan of Action to the LISD Board of trustees for approval.

e)    June -

                                                   i.     Present Campuses Plans of Action to the LISD Board of Trustees for approval.

VII.       Dismissal


Next Meeting – February 13, 2014 Room 182