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Student Performance and Accountability

Performance and Accountability supports the mission of the district and schools by producing statistical reports regarding district wide and school-level performance on STAAR, SAT/ACT, and PSAT. The department provides projections of the TEA Accountability ratings and performance with regard to Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) dictated by the No Child Left Behind Act to schools and district administrators. The Performance Indicator Report which presents multiple measures of student performance is published for use by schools and administrators to communicate to the schools' communities' their effectiveness in addressing the educational needs of their students. Reports are distributed to schools, the administrative district offices, the Superintendent, and Board members, and guidance is provided in understanding, interpreting, and applying this information to improve instructional programs.
Mission Statement:
The Student Performance and Accountability department maintains a high level of integrity in the administration of assessments, research-based practices, program evaluation, and accountability reporting. Our purpose is to enhance student learning and performance by providing the tools necessary to transform the District from one that is "data rich, information poor" to a "data-driven, decision-making organization.
  • We will provide leadership and guidance to District stakeholders in order to meet and understand state-mandated assessment and accountability requirements.
  • Annually, we will collaborate with District stakeholders in order to evaluate program effectiveness and identify best practices to increase opportunities for student success so that STAAR scores increase within each student group by five percentage points.
  • Annually, we will provide a means by which District stakeholders can systematically gauge student performance in order to identify areas for improvement.
Visit the Texas Education Agency Website for more in-depth information on Longview ISD Accountability.  

Contact Information
Questions regarding Student Performance and Accountability should be addressed to:
Latitia Wilson, Director Research Accountability and Planning
Longview ISD
1301 E. Young Street, 
Longview, Texas 75601