Students earn Longview 2020 honors

During the awards ceremony students and their parents were treated to lunch at Papacita’s Mexican Restaurant. They received scholarship certificates and encouragement from the keynote speaker, Rogers Pope, Jr. Vice Chairman and CEO of Texas Bank & Trust.

Pope, a Longview High School graduate, went on to graduate from Baylor University and Baylor Law School. Since returning to Longview in 1994, he has been very involved in Longview’s business and community affairs.

“Through this investment we hope to encourage these young scholars to pursue their educational goals and return to our city to contribute their time, talents, and energy in this place we call home,” said Longview 2020 President Kimberly Fish. “These students are the product of the Longview, Pine Tree and Spring Hill High Schools, and they represent some of the best and brightest students in our community.”

This year’s recipients from Longview High School are VaLynnasia Bodie, Trevor O’Connor, Chantrel Hutchings, and Krisana Yuen from Longview High School. Other recipients include James Cravey, Lucan Christian Kirchoff, Hannah Dunn, and Kiasa Young from Pine Tree High School; Kaden Wayne McLemore, Julia Alexis Lozano, Julie Hodges, and Bethany Bell from Spring Hill High School; and Jessica Pye, UT Tyler Longview University Center BSN student.

Longview 2020 Forum was organized in 1999 by a group of Longview area residents to provide a forum for discussion of issues of concern and opportunity in the greater Longview community. In addition to serving as a resource to forum participants concerning information about the community, it also strives to support the arts, education, and other appropriate community endeavors of a non-profit charitable nature.
Shown here are Julie Hodges, Kaden Wayne McLemore, Julia Alexis Lozano, Kiasi Young, Trevor O’Connor, VaLynnsia Bodie, Chantrel Hutchings, Lucas Christian Kirchhoff, Hannah Dunn, James Cravey and Jessica Pye.
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