Seniors celebrate academic 'signing day'

Students signed a banner in their new school colors and posed for photos in the shirts and hats of their new alma maters.

Chasity Shorts and Kay Ray said the purpose is to recognize students in the same way that athletes are honored for advancing to collegiate sports.

"Not only does this celebrate the fact that so many of our seniors are college bound, but I also want it to serve as a motivator to the younger grades," Ray said. "We left up the college admission letters last year for a long time, and students would stop and read them. I hope they got the 'If they can do it, I can do it!' message."

The day coincides with GenTX Day, a statewide program that focuses on helping students figure out the next step after graduation, and the only admission seniors have to pay is to bring their college admission letters — which will then be posted on the bulletin board.

Longview community partners supported the event, offering services and information pertinent to the soon-to-be college students. The U.S. Army recruiting office provided pizza while the school PTO brought cookies. Super 1 Foods donated drinks and ice cream for coke floats.

Health department officials were in attendance to give students without insurance required bacterial meningitis shots, with Texas Bank and Trust offering students financial advice about online banking. Bed, Bath and Beyond had a display of dorm room decoration ideas for students. Local law enforcement officials provided information about the rise of violence on college campus and sex-trafficking.
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