2016 prom a 'fairy-tale ending' for seniors

By Uwa Ihionkhan
LHS Senior Class President

With a theme like “A Midsummer Night's Dream," it’s no surprise that this year’s Longview High School Senior Prom felt like a fairy tale. Truly the decorators outdid themselves with twinkling adornments gracing every crevice of the Pinecrest country club venue, and a beautiful backdrop to take memorable pictures with friends or a date.

Looking around you may have mistaken this year’s prom for the Paris fashion show. Not only because of the elegant ballgowns lightly grazing the dancefloor or cute cocktail dresses making an appearance, but also because of the assorted heels that clicked away all night on the dancefloor until the owners surrendered and tossed the heels to the corner to dance barefoot.

Upon entry we flashed our golden tickets and quickly scribbled down a number correlating with the couple we wished to see crowned at the end of the night. Immediately afterwards we were ushered to a large room where we could sit and eat. Although many chose to eat before prom, the option to eat delicious hors d’oeuvre was available and enticing.

In the other room, the lights were dimmed and the dancefloor was cleared. When the DJ played popular songs like “Work” by Rihanna, a crowd would rush to the dancefloor and claim it as their stage while shrieking, “This is my song!” or “OMG, Queen Rih is my fave!” As the night progressed the music selection digressed into a combination of typical country music, unforgettable classics, and “hype” trap music. The combination of these consequent cultures and music genres was perfect for the eclectic attendants of the event.

Attending prom his sophomore, junior, and now his senior year, Truman Thompson said he enjoyed the change of venue.

"(Pinecrest) was a better location because the dance floor was bigger," he said. "However, the songs selected have been unknown to me all three years."

Then the moment came! Prom royalty was to be announced... the music cut, the room silenced, and one could nearly hear a pin drop as the names “Chantrel Hutchings and De’Keithan Ingram” were rattled off.

For Chantrel the entire experience "felt unreal."

"As soon as they called out De’Keithan’s name to be king, I started screaming because I had no idea who would actually win. But I’m blessed and honored to be crowned Prom Queen of the senior class of 2016," she said. "I plan to rule the kingdom in a humble and thankful manner, not crushing any toes and dabbing my way to success."

De'Keithen said he too would reign with grace and gratitude.

"Being crowned as prom king was a very special moment because it’s a once in a lifetime experience that’s truly an honor," he said.

"I plan to be a king of the people, so I’ll rule only in their best interest."

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in preparing this year’s grand event! Longview High School sure did keep it classy, not trashy.
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