LHS celebrates 875 honor roll students

"Everyone likes to celebrate the extracurricular, whether it's sports or UIL competition," said LHS principal James Brewer. "And that's alright, but at the same time we want to honor those students who've also made the main thing the main thing: their education."

Award certificates were given to LHS students for the All A Honor Roll (no less than a 90 in any course for the semester) and the A-B Honor Roll (no less than an 80 in any course for the semester).

875 students  and their families  were assembled, and Brewer said they are each "leaders on this campus."

"By putting their education at the forefront, they are showing leadership for their class, their school, their district and the entire Longview community," he said. "As proud as I am of each of these 875, I want to see even more on these lists. I believe it's possible, and we're going to continue to show them that we value their hard work."

Guest speaker Pete Lamothe, learning services manager at Texas Eastman praised the students, but also cautioned them against resting on their laurels.

"It doesn't get any easier, it only gets harder," he said. "Whether you're the type of learner that has to work hard for good grades, or are just intellectually gifted, your educational journey does not end in high school but continues the rest of your life."

Latonya Thompson, mother of Honor Roll student Chris Braggs said she was encouraged by the program.

"We all love the fun of Friday night football and the other activities, but there's so much more to life than fun and games," she said. "(Events like this) are great to remind students of what's most important about their time here."

Freshman honoree Brandon Rosales said he was "a little blown away" by the program, and said Longview High's commitment to education makes him "proud to be a Lobo."

All-state defensive back Ameron Dean is no stranger to accolades, but said Friday's assembly meant more to him than gridiron glory.

"Without the grades, you can't even get on the field," he said. "I'm glad the school did this, and I hope they continue to do so."
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