LISD Enrollment and Staffing Procedures For the Start of School

As the beginning of school approaches Longview ISD initiates the process of enrolling students in the district. Of course, uncertainties with enrollment, transfers and district attendance always creates the possibility that teacher and student adjustments may have to be made after school begins.

LISD begins the process of estimating student counts and staff needs in February of the previous school year, however it is always difficult to know exactly how many students will show up the first week or what staff needs will occur.

The district's procedure is to monitor the enrollment throughout the first two weeks of school to assure sound enrollment numbers. If there are classes that are overloaded, LISD will look at campus space and determine if more teachers are needed to meet the enrollment growth. First, the district will look at all campuses to see if there are areas that may be overstaffed. If this is determined, then movements may be made between campuses to meet the student needs.

If it is found that LISD needs more staff and no campuses have understaffed classrooms then hiring of additional teachers will be considered. The district will work diligently to hire teachers as soon as they can be found. Longview ISD will communicate with parents if this becomes necessary during the enrollment process of our school year. Texas Education Code (TEA) 25.112 "Class Size Waivers" allows schools that exceed the 22:1 ratio for K-4 classrooms to apply for a waiver request and complete a compliance plan approved by the board if necessary staffing demands are not able to be met due to lack of available space, available staff or other TEA approved issues.

We know that it can be difficult when these changes are made, however the district must make the best uses of its resources to meet the overall student needs. Please know that the administration will do our best to accommodate the needs of all our students first and foremost.